Joe Wicks (the body coach) hates me lol


Lets see if I get banned on FB for pointing out the calorie content of this ‘lean in 15’ recipe


Something I see all the time in this business. Fitness coaches marketing recipes for dessert. Dessert = good marketing. Dessert = bad fitness.


Moderation, mate. I’m quite fond of the “Little Chocolate Pots” by Coconut Collaborative. Very rich and chocolatey, but quite small and only 105 calories. Just enough to take the edge of a craving without wrecking a good day.


105 calories is about perfect for sweets in a day. I’d agree.


Yep, completely contextual & personal mate, I agree

I’ve found over the years it can actually be IMPORTANT, to include desserts into someones diet to help deal with the negative affect that total restriction has on cravings & the associated psycology

Daniel Podrick is on here somewhere (Can’t remember his user name, he’s in my FB support/community group), I rememeber how his chocolate cravings were pulling him off course, making him binge & blowing his calorie budget…

so we strategically included chocolate into his diet DAILY, after his last meal, fitting into his calories to get rid of the craving & feeling of restriction…

it worked brilliantly for him (I think he lost 15lbs over the next 3-4 weeks)


When I was being “good” with my calorie counting, I gave up beer so I could have my daily bar of chocolate.
It was just the one thing I needed to have, to feel like I was still a little bit normal.


Idk a single thing about this bloke but he sounds right petty blockin ppl 4 no gd reason
Also this is just my opinion but i reckon any diet were the rules r unclear enuf that u hav 2 use there book/club/pay them in someway FOREVER is sort of a con cos i think a good diet u can just go it alone once u found ur feet without constant instructions. If they hide how it works from u it makes u in there power if that makes sense



That’s exactly why I do what I do, so people don’t need me or anyone else, or have to buy any gimpy nonense product & so they can live longer whilst not feeling shitty about themselves… I’ve got zero respect for people who take advantage of that.


Agree! Thats 1 thing am tryna watch out for… diet industry traps. Am not sayin none of these things help ppl but it seems more about the money if they need u 2 need them… n i dont like bein took 4 a mug ha


Yep, many things can help, but they should tell you WHY they help instead of keeping you dependent on them, then they’ve got loads of people as walking billboards & telling other people about you… win/win! :slight_smile: