Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


MVFIA - is MAN v FAT’s Online Programme. It is a completely free, 30 day programme where you are put into private group on this forum with 9 other guys who want to lose weight.

Every day you post at least twice to this group with one post being your tracking info (what you ate, drank, activity, etc). The other is to ask questions, encourage your team and celebrate victories.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is. But it works. 80% of men who join MVFIA lose weight - around 8lbs on average.

If you want to do something to win your battle against fat, this is it.


  • Update your profile and add an avatar (here’s how).

  • Update your About me and Location in your profile

  • Have at least 5 posts made on the forum and have been granted the MVFIA Ready Badge

  • Reply to this thread and let us know you want to join.


@Iwan are you still looking for a group? If so, see above.

Yes I’m still looking for a group

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Hey @admin really sorry for my lack of reply to the other thread I had a crazy week and completely forgot. No excuse really!

I would really like to join a group though when one becomes available.

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Hi @admin - i would really like to join a group for the 30 day programme.

Thanks in advance.


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I really like the idea of this, so definitely up for giving it a go when there’s a space.


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Sure thing - make sure you DM me your phone number though Bob.

We just need one more to get the group going…

Put me up for a space @admin

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Hi there

Yeah, I am keen On the 30 Day group



Hi @Jeremy - will let you know!

Thanks Andrew, glad to be connected and looking forward to joining the group when you have the full complement.

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Good man - glad to have you aboard. If you need me at any point (I do sleep sometimes) then just type @admin and it will ping me.

@samuelherring if you want to join the programme just post in here. Good to have you on the site mate!

Thanks Andrew, great to be here. Waiting to start a 5 man group. Sam

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Hi, yes… I’d really like to join a group. I’m at 259 lbs with an ambition to get down to 200, but starting with 14lbs (down to 245) in the next 30 days, by 26th August.
I gradually put on weight over a number of personal roller coaster years, and have been at about 18St for the last 2-3 years. Maybe more. I’ve had a couple of attempts at losing it, getting rid of about 14lbs each time, but not then keeping moving past that and eventually putting it back on.
I this accountability could be a key weapon in the battle. It works for most other things in my life!

Hi. Still waiting to start a 30 day challenge.

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Right, I’ve had a fortnight to get to get myself organised with food, work, family and by simply cutting out beer, almost all carbs and almost all bread, I’ve lost half a stone.

Can you put me in a MVFIA group please?!

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Hi I’m interested in the 30 day challenge.

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