Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group

Haha! Make them all switch to wechat then I can play.

Aye, it’s just how this forum used to be before it went all corporate :joy::joy:

I came looking for a group no luck I’m guessing that’s a shame

Looks like that page is blocked too. It won’t load from here anyway.

Sadly, I have to agree with you @Greenballs. All that anyone has to do is read back this thread from early March onwards, when the last groups came to an end, to see the issues. This pre-dates the lockdown and required a simple fix by someone with access to set up a couple of new groups.

Two months down the line and still nothing done. I’m happy to be corrected on this, but I would guess the group setup would have taken less than 30 minutes for someone to complete. The only possible conclusion for this not happening is that there has been a conscious decision made somewhere for it not to have been done.

I’m glad that others have found an alternative option. Any chance you could message me with details of the WhatsApp group, @Steve_Green? Happy to wait until the end of the current 30 day cycle, if you’d prefer, but anything which replicates these groups and has an active user base would be very welcome.

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I had what seemed a fairly productive video chat with @DanChurch_RM and Andy, another forum user (sorry I didn’t ask what your username was!), last Thursday evening. We spoke for about 45 minutes or so and talked about how active the forums used to be and ideas for the future. I re-iterated everything that’s been said on here and repeated that different folks had been offering to help with the admin of setting up groups for well over a year, but had never been taken up on the offers.

Dan said he had a meeting the following day with Man V Fat HQ and would raise the issues discussed. On Monday I received an email that included “Unfortunately I’m unable to provide you with a clear update as to how we shall be moving forward with the forum and the MVFIA groups at this moment, as it is subject to further discussions”.

Make of that what you will. But it doesn’t sound particularly positive to me and it is difficult to argue with @Bear2’s comments above.

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Hi @JIL, I was on the call with you

I agree it all seemed very positive at the time but unfortunately it has all gone very quiet again.

It’s a real shame and I hope I’m wrong but I can’t see anything changing in the near future.


For this that have lost faith in this forum, this is an interesting read.

There’s nothing stopping you from setting up your own mini forums and working on your goals.

I’m not going up against @Steve_Green and the whatsapp group, I simply cannot access it from here and I have really tried.
If anyone can indulge me, I can set up a wechat group (it’s free, it’s legal, it’s safe). I can set up and manage a group easily…
I have had conversations with @DanChurch_RM and the simple ability to just say yes or no leaves me done here.
That’s it…finished. PM me if interested. Maybe have a wechat v whatsapp groups challenge???

I’m keen. For a WhatsApp group anyone interested?

@Steve_Green will have you covered.

A massive shame that the forums and groups are not continuing- can I just say thanks for the support n journey over the last few years - onwards and downwards guys!



You new people really killed this website. It used to be such an amazing community, and what did you kill it for? Money.

Yet you cannot see that by keeping the free groups you would have had the chance to generate money as people would have still been using the site and you could have promoted the other services and challenges.


I feel its a terrible shame…
The men on here saved me. Really, you did, and I just want to say thanks to you all, on the many groups I was part of. With all the talk these days of the need for men to talk up when they’re struggling- this group was smashing that.

I don’t like to critisise, but I do find it incredible, that the admin team could watch the positively this site developed, and then abandon it, as if all this huge effort we all put in counted for nothing!

Like many others around the world, I have been on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Ive seen as all come together, and support each other, and this site should have been there for us all.

I hope I’m wrong - but if anyone is sitting in a MvF meeting, and they are talking about monetising our groups, crack on, but just pause and think of all the individuals on here, old and new- who have put in so much - because you really have let us all down.



Men, this looks terminal.
Thank you for all the great advice and posts over the years.
All the best in your fight.

And so it ends.
Not with a bang but with a whimper.


I only popped out for some milk 2 years ago and I come back to this! :thinking:

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:joy::joy: you’re lucky the website it still up. At least while the rent is being paid I suppose :man_shrugging:

You never did get home did you :wink:

I went off ManVFat for a while and it is destroyed. How do I join the WeChat or WhatsApp groups.