Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


I’d like to be in with @Craig_D_Stockhill @flub @Greenballs and @thatsitivehadit as well, as we were there at the start of Team FOOLS even if I didn’t manage to be there a great deal in the end!


Was going to do it tonight but feel free to crack on :+1:


Hi. I would like to
Join a challenge. New on here today. Signed up for Colchester


i think I’m ready if there is a group i could jump in


@admin, @Andy_Gallon, @ChevalierTialys could one of you set up a group or two.? There seems to be quite a few of us.



I’ll set up a group tonight


Back from my hols and raring to go with another group. Last couple haven’t been good for me (my fault no one elses) but I have a clear month ahead of me to hopefully make some headway


Okey dokey - team @SMART should be ready to rock. Please would you all check that you can see the link below and post in the introductions thread to get things going. Good luck!

@JonN - you’ve also been added to Team SMART, so you can post with your buds.


@Craig_Morris you’re up next with the ever-ready @GaryT to start off your group.


Okay, so I’ve got @GaryT anyone else waiting?


did this include me ??
if so it says access denied


Yep, @Darren1 and @allenharrisjnr are on for it.


yeah but the link says access denied ???


Link says access denied for me to :pensive:


Lads you will be in the next group from what I read. Just waiting on new lads to come available before you are put into a group.


oh i see thanks
ill wait patiently then ha ha


I’d like to get on a group if theres a space coming up please.


That’s right - thanks @Greenballs!


Can I be forgiven for my absence over the last month ?sorry @thatsitivehadit and the others. I was put into a group but I have not checked my email as often as I was probably eating at the time! but really chose to ignore it so I could stuff my face and get pissed between moaning about how bad my back/life is.

Iv’e dropped the ball BIG TIME after some on going back problems and an offer of a possible surgical fix (already tried three) that actually requires me to lose weight.

I really dont want to get on the scales as I feel bigger as ever :fearful: (after a loss of nearly 20 lbs last year on here)

Please can I join a group.


Hey @BackAttack! Glad to have you back! Don’t worry about it…we have ALL been there before. I personally have been there many many times. You got this though, you just need to set up your life so it does what you need it to do! :slight_smile:

I am sure we will be in another group together in the future.