Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


Well Done!!
I enjoyed your profile name too… Is that a Motor Torpedo Boat? :wink:


Seriously, 1/2 a stone is a great start. I set off on a different plan (The Body Coach) a month ago and so far have put 1/2 a stone on! My fault, not theirs, or perhaps 50:50. I wasn’t fit enough to follow their exercise plan, but I think they’re mad saying that you don’t need to watch calories.


Hi, would really like to join this, need to loose around a stone and this forum would really help


Hi guys will get groups up and running today, watch for the messages…


Hi I hope I am posting right on here. Need help with eating right foods. Just need accountability. Getting ready to workout on treadmill. Sam


I would like to join


@ijross and @Nearlythere1 are you still keen to join - if so can you PM me your mobile numbers so that I can alert you when the group is about to start.

Don’t forget to spend the intervening time getting to grips with the forum and posting on the main forum.


Hi, I’ll be up for trying out the 30 day challenge if its not too late

My goal is realtively simple, I am 110 kilos and 6ft2 and do little regular exercise, and by the end of the 30 days I’d like to be getting close to (or under) a 100 and in the habit of regular (not necessarily excessive) exercise.

Basically I’d like to be in the group during this first stage of my weightloss, to help me touchbase with others doing the same, so that I can build up confidence change my routines.

So if there is a group, I’m in.


@admin deleted for privacy - it’s better if you direct or private message those sorts of details!


Apologies, mean to add some text :smile:
Yes, I am keen.


Hi @admin

Please could I join as group if there are any spaces?




@KayRay, @Jamie_Loft, @ijross, @Nearlythere1, @Harry your private group is now ready and waiting for you - good luck!


So what’s the plan after the first 30 days is up for the first groups?


What would you like to happen?


To join a new group.


I am happy with existing group - but having said that a new group with new people and new ideas may also work well - I don’t care as long as there is a follow on really :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would like another 30 days and I’m happy either with the same groups or mixing it up.


The reason I favour mixing it up is nothing to do with my group, but to do with new people, new ideas, fresh impetus.


Yep I agree with @DolmanDarrall. Keep mixing it up to keep things fresh. I’d definitely be looking to have another go once the first 30 are done.


Hello, are any spots still open?