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this is ian from team compare. It doesn’t work at all. Nothing started and some indication it will not ever be created. Please put team compare on the old system and scrap the new system. Its really difficult and awkward. Poorly placed and not user friendly - this is coming from a programmer who makes stuff like this, it is not fixable restart with something new.

The problem is its going back to the 80’s of fill out forms before I will let you proceed. Its completely wrong. Today its a menu system. No holding someone back because a field is not filled out. Further its where are the search buttons. If there is a bunch chatting let me see who is on line. Way to much like the 80’s of programming with a guard not letting anyone in.

Look at the success of google. Its site is extremely simply yet from the initial page you are 2 or 3 clicks from over 30 services. I can check mail or transfer projects through drive. Amazingly robust from a simple uncluttered.

Your site should have in a fun but not silly font Man vs Fat. Copy google mouse over effects but keep the initial page clear. Pop up menus are ok but flash is forbidden. No popups and no sliding bar things absolutely no music. This homepage is to be boring and no unexpecteds.

Today’s users are glancing over you site not staying so accommodate. No stay needs to be more than a few seconds. Make it so. Many of the online chat things with forums fixing problems have coders on the other end. These coders are gaming and doing other things. I personally will have more than a dozen open active tabs. Imagine you are one of the tabs I glance by while making adjustments in the markets and chatting with powerful people. No problem chatting with the team but I do have the minister of finance on the other tab.

This new site fails most aggressively. Scrap it and restart. Your initial premise is wrong. Think WWGD? (what would google do?) Its not google is the greatest its an example of good and I can’t teach you good in a few lines.


I totally agree. This was not ready for release. Bugs are normally when people delve deep into menu’s or use different browsers. The basics d not seem to have been tested. My worry is that if we don’t go back to the old system ASAP people will join up outside of ManVFat and you will lose us all.


Hmm - If that’s the case then I’m afraid its not going to be a patch on the old ways with a forum. A chat box is nice in terms of being able to talk about things in real time. But a forum is a much better structure for discussions about different things e.g. Seperate threads for each day and other conversations. Can see who’s replying to who about what etc.



Can you count me out of this beta test please? I’ve already attempted to register and have read on this thread that I’m required to do so again, but would need to ask you to unregister me to do so. Along with the other members’ concerns it’s all adding up to a lot of confusion and a lot of extra leg work for what appears to be (at this stage) no discernible improvement on the current forum.

I’m happy to continue in another MVFIA group.

Also, you may have more success with members participating in a beta test if you ask for volunteers rather than assuming we all (a) want to be involved or (b) have the necessary time in our schedules to post more frequently (as has already been the case and it hasn’t even got off the ground). I don’t wish to sound impolite and do understand that improvements for the benefit of all need testing, however, I already have two jobs and don’t need another one! :joy:


There are already existing means in place to chat to members in real time (e.g. WhatsApp), although I appreciate this isn’t tied to ManVFat branding.

In any case, some members (well, me…) may not want to chat to other members incessantly on a live stream. I avoid group chats on WhatsApp (and muted the MVF ones when I was an active MVF football player) as they encourage an unproductive mindset-something I consider would undermine what we’re all trying to do here: get more active and lose weight.


Please don’t. Take down the site its not repairable. Just walk away.

Clearly you aren’t interested in good feed back


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Hi All, is the New Dashboard working for anybody?


I registered with the initial link but a subsequent post from admin said we’d have to re-register with a different link (but request to be unregistered first!)

I haven’t done this as, quite frankly, it’s a bit of a faff and doesn’t bode well moving forward. Also, the UI on the app wasn’t the best in my opinion. I’ve requested to be removed from the beta test.


It doesn’t seem to work with iPhone or iPad at all (chat doesn’t work with iPhone). It’s a pain to use anything else!

Forum would work better for me. Love new technology but not untested and this doesn’t offer anything MyFitnessPal etc does


Chat seemed to work on my Mac but today I cantt send messages!


@admin please help out here and set us up the old way until the New Dashboard works. It does not have Bugs i.e. little issues, it simpley does not work for any of us!


For what it’s worth, I’ve re-registered with another email and managed to log in. I’ve posted a couple of test messages on the chat box and it looks like a couple of others have posted too.

-having to manually save every item of information entered: weight, height etc, rather than having a ‘save all’ function is frustrating.

  • drop down menus for DOB, height and weight, rather than typing is a pain. What if someone is above the limits imposed by the drop down menu?
    -the first page you come to once you register is not the ‘home page’ but rather an ‘edit profile’ page. However, there are numerous other drop down menus such as progress, achievements and group info-which could make this look like the home page. It’s a bit confusing. You actually have to use the top right hand menu link to access the home page which then allows you to access the group/team chat.


Hi @admin,
Please could I request a place on the next group please (don’t profess to know all the details of the new dashboard chat but I am a big fan of the current way of working if there’s an option to be in a group in the ‘old way’.)



@admin could I be included in the next group please?


Can I request a new group please. Current group coming to an end in a few days.


@admin How do groups work on the New Dashboard?


@admin please don’t take any criticism of the new Dashboard personally but you are our only contact. I dont see how 30 Groups work on the new dashboard and that was the main point of ManVFat for me!

Also my link to Bugs does not work so I can’t talk to the developers!


I’d like to start a new group too please.
I’m a bit wary of this dashboard as it seems to be having teething problems so I would like to be in a traditional group set up.
Respect to @admin for the way this is being handled and respect to all others with their constructive criticism - you’re a good bunch of guys.,


Doesn’t look like my group is continuing. They are all here. So I’ll get in with them. @Zero4


Hold on! As stated above this is very much in beta and the hope was that some of the users would be happy to play with the new system and give feedback, there’s been some very useful suggestions and ideas already and notable bugs (iPhone especially) pointed out, I don’t think it’s fair to start attacking other users.

I’m happy to set up another MVFIA group for you when I get time tomorrow and will ask for some beta testers.