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Hey @admin

Just wondered if you could tell us how group Clamp is happening tomorrow? Not entirely sure what’s going on with the new system as I can seem to do anything / chat to anyone etc.

Cheers mate


As stated above - this is the testing phase! It’s no problem to do a normal MVFIA group and we’ll appeal for some users to help us iron out the kinks. Some great and useful feedback thus far.


Good thought - the forum is on there too - there’s a chat option and a forum tab so people can see the latest forum threads. One of the issues with MVFIA is that there’s thousands of great and interesting threads which are hidden, so some really valuable discussions which would benefit the whole community are behind the MVFIA walls.


That’s interesting - could you explain more about the unproductive mindset. I would say that this isn’t something we see or hear very much but I’m always interested in other viewpoints.


Interesting, what happens when you click bugs?


By an unproductive mindset, I’m referring to how social media can be a platform that is overused and gets in the way of actually doing things. It’s easy to sit on your phone and talk about going for a run or discussing nutrition but harder to actually do it. Many an evening has been wasted in the past by spending too much time on WhatsApp groups or Facebook etc. This isn’t a direct criticism of ManvFat though, for me, the use and promotion of WhatsApp had a detrimental impact on my motivation to do things. That probably says more about me.


Okey pokey - I’ll create some groups with


If any of the above are happy to do a 30 day trial with Progress then let me know and we’ll sort that out. As one or two :smile: have seen the system is very much in beta but the fun will be in squashing all the bugs, making the system work really well and knowing that your help will have been instrumental in helping millions of men to get healthier.


Hahaha! I hear that. It’s a very fine balance. In many cases without engagment in the conversation then there can be a diminished/ non-existent desire to do anything - however, the danger is always that the conversation becomes the activity.


As with food, everything in moderation.


Ok - team @CROWS can you check you can see this link: and post in there and we’ll get this one going tomorrow!


@admin I’m happy to run two groups in parallel with one being the new Progress style just don’t want that to be my primary one if that helps?


I’ll trial it, mate. It’ll be once I’ve got everything else done though, so may only be able to get on a couple of times a week.


Only going into another 30 day group if it’s in current (old) format. Not piddling about with my non-skills on new system… I’ll stick with 30 lbs Xmas + a new thread of accountability I’m setting up tomorrow.


Ok @admin . I’ve requested to join another group but seemed to be missing. My latest one is on 28 days as of today. So can you add me to the honest one please.


@admin like @Noel_Andrews I don’t mind running 2 groups to help test the new platform


Great thank you.

I am happy to help once the new portal can be used on iPad or iPhone. So for the time being I will use the forum one but the next run I would like to help


Happy to try it out @admin or just go in a normal group.


Right - so team @SNOWS is up and running too - please check you can see and post in here:

That leaves a testing Progress group with…

@Craig_Morris (sorry you get no choice Craig)
@mikechristopher (fancy it Mike?)

Three slots left, it’ll be a bit buggy but you’ll be pioneering the new wave!



Add me and @Athumwoo to progress too if you want two more pretty active users, multiple posts per day etc


Sign me up.