Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


Yeah get me in there Shan! Need back on the ball after being on holiday!



Hi, I was listed with many of the above as going into a group on the new dashboard but now I am not included?


Thanks…Looking forward to SNOW.


Any chance of getting in a group? Put my name down here more than 2 weeks ago and still waiting. Very happy to try a new system, just want to get in a group!


Yes, but how do you actually do the MVFIA thing? Doing it all in the chat box doesn’t sound workable.


There’s 8 on ours and starting in a day or two. More than welcome


@Adrian @admin

Adrian and myself for the same group ages ago but now seem to have been missed out?


@admin could you add me to a group please as I have waited a long time and seem to have been missed out!

Groups “snows” would be good as I know so people on there!


I am happy to help if in parallel I can be on the old system to get me underway?


Thanks mate. Hope you’re well. Just waiting for @admin to put me in a group.


I’d be happy for both @Adrian and @MakemPride to join us in @SNOWS,


Yes happy to test Progress


I’m still waiting on any acknowledgment to join a group @admin. I seem to be missing from any response


@MakemPride not sure what delay is. We are starting today anyway so get in when you can. @Andy_Gallon @mikechristopher @admin



I was put in a group for the new platform and then we switched to the old system due to bugs was not included. Still waiting for a group even though I was put in one?


Is @admin the only one who can sort this?


I’ve tagged those who set up the groups so should here sometime soon from one of them


Thanks @greenballs, I seem to have been put in a group, couldn’t see it at first but I’m in one.

@MakemPride. Yes, its @admin, @Andy_Gallon and @mikechristopher who can sort. Think they must be a bit stretched at the moment.


@admin @Andy_Gallon @mikechristopher

Hi, last appeal!

In amongst the set up of the new dashboard and the change back to the old system for now, some of us have been left out. We were allocated to groups. I was in a group in the new dashboard and could do some things. I have offered to help with development etc. but along with others were in a group but have not been reallocated into the old system despite a number of messages. People who have asked for groups a long time after us have been allocated.

I appreciate you are busy but please help?


Team CHICA winds up soon, @admin , @mikechristopher can you put me in a fresh group, but ONLY if it’s the 'old style’s, I’ll be stuffed if I have to work out new stuff!