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@Adrian you were always in Crows mate. Not sure why you didn’t get the notification?

Anyway - I’ve added you all into groups now so you should be able to see either Crows or Snows. If you think you’re not in a group then click on one of the following and the one you can see and post in is your group.

I’ll send an email to the Progress trialers. Thanks all!



Thank you !

Really appreciated. My offer is still there to join Beta version!


Great - thank you!


I can try that system also if you need some guinea pigs.


Guinea pigs? @Greenballs … you’ll only eat them…


I’ll have anything between 2 slices of bread :wink:


Current group coming to an end - can I go in an old-style group please?


Just finished up in team @BEVVY . Can I join the next old style group please?


Hi can I added to next available group, thanks,


Hi there.
New group please.


I think it’s @mikechristopher’s group up next.


Right am a bit lost of who we are at - please correct me if I am wrong but I have the following I think:



Is it ‘old style’?.. I’d be £rap as a guinea pig who needs to know what he’s up to on different format!!


all old style :slight_smile:


In a group with makem. Started 4days ago


Ok great…when are we off?


I’m good to go …



Hi, is @Greenballs says we are in a group called team snows which is already underway. I think the new Dashboard caused a lot of confusion over group members.


Is that as in makem work out which group you’re in @Greenballs?!


Must be ur accent this time :zipper_mouth_face::man_facepalming:t2: