Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


It’s the way oi tellem!!


Admin I’d like to join a group when possible, I feel I definitely need some extra support and motivation


I would like to join a group please.


Hi, I need a join a group please! Thanks.


Hi I am ready to go when ever you are ! Thanks


@admin are you setting up a pilot group for the new dashboard? If you remember I am happy to join?



Just need 2 more and off we go!


Come and 'av a go if you think you’re hard enough!..:grin:


:+1: ready to do this


Started with this morning breakfast!


We’ve got enough now @mikechristopher haven’t we? …


Good luck folks :kissing_heart:


We start off with 10 :slight_smile: So just waiting on 2 more


Count me in :+1:t2:


@admin - I know I’ve not started but I can’t continue with the Progress testing I’m afraid.

All the best with it, if my schedule frees up, I’ll let you know.


How do you fail to continue with something you’ve not yet started? (I know atb88 from other threads folks… don’t be offended!)


I registered with a second email address and entered all my details again etc.

Back on your rowing machine, you.



One more space - any takers?


Does that mean, @atb88 that you’ll be claiming double poundage weightloss?:joy:


I’d only be cheating myself then.

But good shout for the 1/2lb weeks!