Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


@atb88 fancy joining this new group?


I’m already in two somehow, mate.


Crikes… don’t let him claim THREE times the weightloss!!!


Please add me to a new group when a spot is available. Thank you!


I’ll take that last spot if it’s still open


Let’s go @mikechristopher… I’ve got weight to lose! :grin:



Whos up next - @Andy_Gallon?


Hello can i join plz


I’m up I believe.

I have my first team member in @Biffa94


I joined a group but it all went a little pear shaped. The wheels fell off but are now back on. Time for another group and another attempt at a change in lifestyle.
onwards and upwards (or downwards if referring to weight)


Has this group started yet?


Apologies thought you had been added. Have added you in so should see it now


How do i join?


You need to follow the steps here and you’ll be added to the next group.


  • Update your profile and add an avatar (here’s how).
  • Update your About me and Location in your profile
  • Have at least 5 posts made on the forum and have been granted the MVFIA Ready Badge
  • Reply to this thread and let us know you want to join.


Can I join a 30 day group?


I’ll add you once we have a few more.

Mid November people, not much chance to get the lbs off before Christmas.


Add me to the next group as well please. Had a nice break. now back on it.


I dunno about ne1 else but im not to worried about bein in time 4 xmas. Iv not got much reason to of finish by xmas so am up 4 start/finish. Am just abit worried how 2 keep on track on the day itself cos i always end up messin up n gettin massive takeaway etc so thats sumthing am lookin 4 help with


Looking to join a group please!

Been a while since last on and needs must!


Just finishing team Spice… Please can you add me to the next available team.