Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


I think @Andy_Gallon was meaning the sooner we have enough to start the better. Lots of people will have a break from their regime at Christmas, so a group ending just before then fits in well.


Aw aye sounds canny, hopefully we get enuf ppl soon


We’ve got a few now so should have enough to start soon. Once we get to 7 I’ll kick it off while waiting for the remaining 3.


My team is on it’s last 3 days, so I’d like to get added to the next group please.


Rights :sunglasses:
Am buzzin 4 it me like


Have we got enough @Andy_Gallon.?

I’m keen to stay on course and focused but I need to be in a group :scream:


I reckon that’s 7 of us chomping at the bit for a new group :), a low calorie bit obviously.


Looks like 7, will open it up tonight for you


New group needed for me, please


So, in the group I have -


Creating the group now, space for 2 more!


Nice!! Is it easy 2 work out how 2 get in it


Yes, it will appear as if by magic! Plus I’ll tag you in the chat.


Hello, can I be added to the next group when available please?


Thanks to @Steve_Green for the prompt. Chest infection has floored me and I have really lost my way, gaining a stone along the way. Can I get in to the next group, please.


well done mate :+1:


@Steve_Green and @Sacadoh I’ll add you to team HORNE to complete the group.

You’re up I think @admin


Yep - c’mon lads who’s up for the next group?


Ok - that’s seven, one more and I’ll create the next group!



Yes I want a new group please. There might be a slight overlap but the timing is ideal for me returning to my family for Xmas from China.


We’ve a week left of group so may as well get the name down, as you never know how long it will take. Will get us through to xmas


Can I request a new group please.

Happy to overlap if need be.