Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


New group for me too please :slight_smile:


I’d like a new group please.


Can I have a new group please.


New group for me please ?


Ah @TonyC. Been a while


Yeah I’ve been trying to gain muscle so increased calories but feels like it’s slipping away so kick up the arse and get back on track .
Hopefully get in the same group as you so we can encourage one another :+1:


You can put me down. Snows in final week


Ok guys - team @CHOOSE is up and running, please make sure you can see and post in the link below:

I’ll add the next two joinees and you can get going on Friday I’d say. Good luck!


Put you down @Drums1875 … that’d be a bit harsh, you’ve been doing so well!


Get in @Zero4


@admin any chance of being put into another group. Snows is nearly finished so I’d be grateful if you could put me in the next one please.


Hi I’d love to get involved, keen to start ASAP. Motivation levels are high.


I would like 2b in a new group when my current 1 is done if its ok is that allowed?


Hello, can you put me down for a new group please?


Can I be added to the next group think I would benefit from the added accountability with the festive season approaching. Cheers



  • Update your profile and add an avatar (here’s how).
  • Update your About me and Location in your profile
  • Have at least 5 posts made on the forum and have been granted the MVFIA Ready Badge
  • Reply to this thread and let us know you want to join.



@junkyard2623 and @Biffa94 - you’re both in team @CHOOSE please make sure you can see and post in that link.

@mikechristopher is next up with:

and @Glennkirby when he’s sorted his profile out.

Good luck everyone!


It says private but i can see the topics if i go in the general mvfia thing


Time for another return. My absence from here = weight increases. Need to get back on it. Please can you put me in the next group please.


Been away for a while, getting through a marriage break up - can you add me to the next group please. I am on a mission!!