Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


What @freedjo ?..a new wife, on this site? Not sure on that…:grinning:


My group comes to an end this week, so I’m up for another one please.


Damn, think I might have arrived on the wrong site then :smile:


I would like to be added to a new group please. Thank you.


Ready for my next one too please…


That looks like 8/9 people, are we good to go @mikechristopher?


Please can I join the next group too?


Apologies - had been caught up last few days!! am on it now



Just need 2 more - anyone else wanna get in a group to help manage over christmas?


@GunslingerSJ and @mick.
It’s here if wanna give it a go.


Please put me in as well - current team ends soon


My group’s finished and I’m refreshed and ready to rumble again :grinning::grinning:…please. Maybe add me to that last group even though it’s ‘full’ on basis that:

A) It’s over Christmas and members maybe more are likely to drop out?
B) In this now relatively short run-up to Christmas there may not be sufficient numbers to get another group going :grinning:

@admin @mikechristopher


Yeah up for it - how do I get added?


Yes, count me in please.


Your reply here will get noticed and you should get added.
I’m OK with the group going over 10, I think others will be fine with it too. The more the merrier eh?


Don’t mention merrier @StevenHaley … you’ll get them all tippling all the more :grinning::grinning:




@admin @mikechristopher

Are we good to go gents?


I suspect I have missed the Xmas bus but I’d like to join another group. My current one has another week to go, but I expect the next group will take a wee while to assemble.

Can I pass my thanks on to @admin and @mikechristopher etc for running this forum.


7 days left in my current group, so I figure I should join the queue for the next group starting.

Sorry @Sacadoh. looks like you’re going to be lumbered with me again.