Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


Hello, any update on kicking off a new group? Cheers :+1:


Next group - whos up @admins


I’m up next I believe.


I’m finishing team Horne soon and would really like to be in a group over Xmas. I’ve nearly smashed 2 stone!!! And don’t want to #uck it up!


I’m finishing team Horne on Tuesday and would really like a group to keep me in check over the Christmas season.


I’m finishing up with Horne too and would like to keep going, so add me too please.


That’s great work @BackAttack…from when I last heard from you :grinning::grinning:


Another group for me please.


Hi. Could you add me to the next group please. I’ve not done one before but now would seem a good time to join one. Thanks


Looking forward to getting into the next group with you. It’s a tough time of year to start, particularly if the group gets up and running before the new year.


@Andy_Gallon, I recon that we (Team Lazer?) might be about ready to go. Nine, by my count.


Looks about right, especially this side of Christmas. So I’ll start the group tonight for you and add anybody who joins in the next day or 2.


Space for 1 more. So who wants some accpintability for Christmas?


Day 1 planned for Wednesday, if anyone is interested still on the fence.


Hi Andy, Can I join, it’s a challenge coming up to Christmas but I am up for it. Let me know. Cheers, Shane


Hi Shane, you are member 10 so I’ll add you now.

@admin you’re up I believe.


thanks mate, much appreciated.


I’m back, and looking to undo some of the damage I’ve done over the past year or so since my last group. I’d like to kick 2019 off in the best way possible, so put me down for the next group :santa:


Hi, I’m wanting to join.


Can I request a new group please.


Can I go in anew group please?