Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


Hi all,

Very keen to get involved in this. Practically what do I need to be doing, buying or preparing so I’m ready to go?

I’m reading the book at the moment, do I need recipes Ready? Tupperware?

Cheers, Matt


Oh Lordy! Put me in a group before I explode…


Hi there - dropped off the last group due to a death in the family and the resulting chaos. Can I join a new group please?


I’d like to join a 30 day group please, but haven’t sussed how to do the avatar yet


@MattskiMK, it doesn’t look like anyone has come back to you. Nothing to prepare, just wait for a team to be built and then it will be a bit clearer. Its not WW or anything like that, no rules on diet or exercise at all, other than a genuine intention to lose weight and participate daily in the group when it starts.

I suspect the lack of communication and failure for a new group to start will be due to the holidays. I have no doubt it will kick off on January 2nd for you.


Okay I’m ready to rock whenever a new group becomes available please :muscle:


in need of a group instantly!

New Years resolutions started already!


Just joined the site and reading the book… after years of failing (mainly due to my own greediness) I’ll happily give it a whirl. Away until Jan 1st, so a group from the start of 2019 would be great!


I would like to start a new group please admin. I’m motivated and ready to start


@admin are you good to do this one? Ready for the new year rush


Looks like we’ve got quite a few waiting, I’ll create a few groups tomorrow to get us going.

Get your name down if you want to start the new year with a new group


Ok, by my reckoning I have the following ready for a group.





Cheers! Interesting choice of group name :laughing:


Great! Don’t know about the others but I am completely new to this… full of questions and very likely to mess up (fail to post, post too much, etc.). Feel free (anybody!) to point me in the right direction.

As a starter… when actually is day 1?



Don’t worry, you have some experienced members who will help you along the way. No judgement, just support.

You can agree amongst yourselves when to start but probably Thursday or Friday.


Could I please be put into the next group to be set up please??

Many thanks


Hello - back again (after more than a year !) next Group please - a lot of work to do!


@admins Who is up next?


@Neal1685 , I’m not in your group but, for what it’s worth…those that post the most lose the most, or at least that’s what I think I’ve read admin say.

The more YOU post, the more you’re likely to adhere to the plan you set out to complete. If you think you may very well NOT post from the outset, that will probably become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Get stuck in, post away. Make promises. Keep them. Other group members will, as someone else said, point you in right direction. :grinning::grinning: