Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


Think im there now ready for a group


Fair enough mate get what you’re saying and I don’t think anyone here is judgemental but what I mean is like work colleagues can be quite bitchy so if they find out I’m on MVF I don’t really want people mugging me off at work but that’s just part of my anxiety I guess.


HI Andy think ive done what is required so now looking forward to joining group.


Yep. You’re in for the next group. I’ll create it first thing tomorrow and you’ll see instructions from there.


How many do you need @Andy_Gallon. We Have 4 or 5 from choose that could make it up.


I’m in for a new group, ideally with the other few fella’s from @CHOOSE that are also looking.


Same as Gballs and Noel, I’d like a new group with those from @CHOOSE who are up for it.


Yeah myself and @Athumwoo and @Biffa94? @MakemPride you in?


You can put me down for that group as well.


@choose was a good group. It’s still going after it’s 30 day so I know the lads will still be there at the end.


Yes, I’m up for that group please


Aye am well up 4 bein in a group with @CHOOSE crew again of they can put up with me another month!!


Ok, I’ll create the group with 8 pre-choose list then you guys can be the start of the next group.

You can carry on in your current chat till we’ve got a full group.


So in the first group I have -


I have 6 from team @CHOOSE already but space for 4 more.



Yes I would like to also join a new group with the @CHOOSE group!


My current group ends next few days and would be looking to jump straight into another please.


You still in the challenge @martinwhite


Yep seemed to have missed that thread though now added to favourites so won’t miss it.


My current group ends soon, so can I join another one please.


Could i please be added to a group