Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


Looks like 10?


Yep. I’ll create the group tonight.


Ok good stuff :+1:t2:


Could I please be added to a grp.

please let me know

Thanks guys.


@Andy_Gallon could you sort this for a Monday start? Thanks as always


Team Laser is on Day 25 and I’d like to go straight on to a new Group, please.

Over Xmas/New Year the target was simply not to gain, but I have a BHAG for January/February to lose 8.8 lbs - the equivalent of one of these 4 kg bags of bird seed I handle every week.


I’m up for the same group as @Sacadoh, have missed tormenting him.

Team Doogh finishes on Tuesday, so ready to go again.


Good man. Inspiring me, more like. You’ve been a good mentor, Steve.

Just off for a run now. Hope the training for the Half has been going well.


Yo!..I’m up for anuvver team please @admin as Team Dough finishes soon.


Well done mate :+1:. I’ve started my training plan, I put some weight back on over Christmas, but should finish my current group at the same weight I started it, which I’m happy with.

Looking forward to getting back into it :+1:


Just going through the messages to setup the next team


I have:

Next group for @admin or @mikechristopher has:



Can you please add me to the next group please with @Sacadoh and @Steve_Green. Team laser about to finish this week.


I’ll jump on the bandwagon too please, another one from Laser.


I’d be up for giving this a try! Not been part of one before and only just starting out on my weight loss, so extra motivation and help would be very much appreciated!


So for the next one we have


Another 3 people to add and we can get the group set up


come on! any salad dodgers still sat on the fence, get in this group before you break it :grin:

we have our resident IF expert @Zero4 in the mix for this one, after the last 30 days he’s in danger of falling through a drain cover. come and learn how he did it :grin::joy::rofl::+1:

Anyway @mikechristopher, can you set us up so we can start on Friday - even with just the 7?


I’d like to be the same group with @Steve_Green and @Zero4 if possible.


Can I join the next group too please? Team Doogh finishes tomorrow.


@mikechristopher get @bbats in our group please :joy: …he needs sortin’ out!.. and we’re the boys to do it!