Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


ready to go again to please…


I think that’s our 10 now?


Im up for a new group as well - whatever is available, chuck me in.



All in Team Hooch

@GunslingerSJ - we will get you in the next one

@admin you up for creating a group or want me to carry on with the next?




Gents, for purely selfish reasons, is everyone OK with us starting Day One of the new group on Friday?

I don’t have a link yet for Team Hooch but suspect one will be forthcoming soon.


You should see it on your groups page - if not you can visit -


Hoping to give another group a go after falling off plan over the holidays so can I be added to the next one?

Tightened things up this week but could do with the extra motivation, finally got a good few weeks without plans to really make a push


Can you put me down for the next group please.


My group just finished, so I’m looking to get involved with the next one please.


Count me in I would like to join this new group.


hi mike, been clicking on the hooch link but not working. want to join another group. thanks, Shane


Next group up so far we have



Looking forward to it!


Hi how do I become part of a group?


This is the place to do it. Make sure you have 5 posts and bio and that up to date


Send me a tenner, then await a sensible reply from someone else!


Done… Now I wait :soccer:


Great news. Looking forward to being accountable again :grinning::grinning:


Excellent, looking forward to it