Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


Greetings, please throw me in the next group…the journey resumes.


Good day all. I would like to join a group as well. Please put me down for an open slot. Thanks!


Looking forward to Team Hooch kicking off.


We’re 8 days into Hooch already? I don’t think you made it into this one, but are down for the next?


Really sorry @Andy_Gallon and @mikechristopher for some reason I’ve not been getting any email notifications from the site so I’ve not seen any nudges. I’ll look into why that is - has everyone else been getting them?


How many do we have for the next group?


Looks like we’re at 8 I think


So Mike had:

And we can add:


I’ll create the group and add the next two in there. I’ll also take the next group set up as penance for missing so many!


Please can team @CLOSE check they can 1) see and 2) post in the link for your group below:

Next two to join will be added into your group so go say hi and I’d suggest aiming to start the posting on Thursday.


I’m new but would love to join one of these groups to make me accountable on a daily basis please


Can I be added to a new group please?
My group finishes up on Sunday



Can I also be popped into a new group as MINCE is coming to an end.


Oooh @fritznorm …you don’t want to stop mincing! :grinning::grinning:


Ah there he is.




Can i get on the next group please, just finished Janudry now need a group to keep me honest for Feb.



Can I be added to a new group please as my group is coming to an end?


OK. @hou and @alanmonks2010 are now in @CLOSE - sorry for the delay.

@emma1 is setting up her first group and so far it includes:


Once there are a few more she’ll set up the group so you can start saying hi. Then it’s back with @Andy_Gallon for the next one?


@admin haven’t been sent the info for the group and when I try to access it it says I don’t have permission


I can get in as long as someone posts however could I start in the next group?
They are already on day 3 which means I’ve missed the intros and I like the start, it sets me up. Thanks @admin