Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


Sure. I’ll add @fritznorm in and you can swap. That ok Fritz? You should be able to see the CLOSE group now, so jump in and start posting.


Please consider this message my request to join MVFIA 30 day challenge. Thanks.


I think I’ve done everything required for this now, so could you please add me to the list for the next group.


Coming to an end with Team Biked and it has been great for me as it has dragged me back to a sense of normality and purpose. Last day for that group will be Wednesday 13th so can I please be pencilled in for a new group starting around that date. OK for an overlap if that works best for you guys


Any update on the new group please? :+1:


@admin I completely missed this and am now way behind. Can I just go in the next group please?


Can I put my name down for next group pls.


Can I join the next group please


I was going to take a break but it’s now a routine for me to go into these things
Sign me up


Next group for me as well please.


Please can I be added to a new group. Must focus more


On the whole had a great month with team BIKED but last couple of days now. Like to keep momentum going by joining the next group please…


Can I be added to the next new group too please?
I have a lot of amends to make.


Ok let’s get these set up @emma1 @admin


Can i b in nxt group please


Hey, coming to the end of my current group, has been really useful :+1:. Can I please get in on the next group please


Hi I can I join next available group thanks


Hi guys - I’ve put together team @SPITE please can you all check that you can see and post in this group. This is a bit of a monster team but I’m sure you’ll make it work!

@emma1 you’re next up to create a group!


Do we really have a group with 15 in it?

You missed @atb88 :point_up_2:t2:


You do - we’ve been having a higher than average number of dropouts at the moment so we’ll overload this one and see what happens.