Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


I’d say we may have 14 stayers in that group. We’ll see.


Hi @admin, have I been added to spite?


Whaaaaaaaaat? Maybe there isn’t enough room for the really big boys. :pensive:




I hope it doesnt mean we hav 2b spiteful


Up to you!


@admin I can access fine, any chance you can add @atb88 to Spite as well please? we’d love to have him with us again!


Im not like that


I would second this. Based on his posts across the MvF forum in general I think he’d bring a lot to the current group, particularly those of us who are new to MVFIA.




I am ready for another group please!


@admin - how come I wasn’t added when I put down for a group, mate?

Appreciate the comments, @Greenballs, @Noel_Andrews, @Riffman117. :kissing_heart:


Hi can i join this group ?


Just added you - let me know if you can’t access it (this is the first time I’ve ever done it so prone to errors!)

@Kendow when there are enough people for a new group I will add you to a group :slight_smile:


All sorted, cheers!


Oh no not him again :wink:


I’m destroying you in this group.




Hi @admin can I please be removed from @CLOSE as still getting their posts


Hi, BIKED is drawing to a close. It’s been good progress. Ready to be in the next available group, please