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I’ll go with the next group too please. Team HOOCH ends in a few days.


Ready for a new group please!!


Hiya guys,

Nearing the end of my first group, team HOOCH, and it has been really helpful:+1:t5:

Can I please get in on the next group.

Many thanks.


Ready for another group please, many thanks!


Next group please - back once again!


@admin Can I get a group please? Time to have another go


@emma1 , @admin

Are we far off getting a group together?


I count 8. We’ve 16 in ours. Only cos it took so long for the interest.


I see @admin is suggesting bigger groups due to drop out rates

I hope it’s not too long though!


If I may…a group of 16 is taking quite a lot of time and focus to take in what people are saying.


I think it’s a once off tbh as there were quite a few waiting for a bit.


Yep, we’re on 8 so far. I’ll make a group when we hit 10. The team of 16 was a one off just because there hadn’t been one for a while



Hi, if we still only have 8 on Monday would you be willing to let us start? Some of us have been a long time out of a group.


Hi. Can you add me to the next group please. Although my current group Close is still running, family sickness rather killed my food plans. Now everyone is better, I can be focused. Thanks


I’m up for the next group. Back from a month’s holiday and raring to go.



Thats 10! We would really appreciate it if you could get us up and running thank you!


Hello, can I please be put in for the next group?


Hi guys!

I’ve just created Team @AWARD (very on-trend this morning) - hopefully you’ll all be able to use the following link:

I’ve added 11 of you because I didn’t want @Steve_Green to be waiting too long for the next group. Happy MVFIA-ing!




Thank you!