Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


Hey all

Can you sign me up?

Thanks! :metal:t2:



Please can I join the next group?



Get em Bill !!!


Please add me to the next group. Thanks!


Please place me in the next available group , cheers and glad to be back .


My group is ending shorty please can i be added to the next group.


Ready for another group also :metal:t2:


Hi just signed up and looking to join a group. How do I go about joining, just post here ?


Lets get cracking on creating this next group!


Just another 2 to get this group kicked off - lets have ya!



I’m up for my next group please.


Just coming to the end of spite which has been a great group, partly down to it being a big group so definitely up for more people than normal in the next one


Coming to the end of a great group Team SPITE. Was a very large group and it has been tough to keep up with everyone but on the flip side there hasn’t been the sane dwindling to just 2 or 3 diehards at the end that you normally get. Lots of positivity though and a great bunch of guys

Love to join another group when this one ends.


Let’s get cracking @mikechristopher :muscle:t2: Or @admin


Your group is up and ready here:


can I be added to a new group.

great last group


@admins who is next one up or want me to carry on?

@alanmonks2010 si the first one on the list for the next one :slight_smile:


I’d be up for a new group after finishing with SPITE. It looks like the newly created group has claimed a couple of the more active SPITE members already, which is a shame. If feasible, I wouldn’t mind being added into that group, as many of the regulars seem to think the bigger group was a factor in it remaining active for the whole period.

Not sure if @alanmonks2010 would agree with this, but he was also part of that group too.



Just finishing off my last group and ready for a new one please! I’m another one of the @SPITE group members which was an awesome group and would love to see that level of activity and support again. :+1:


More than happy to have more Spiteful friends join us. Good guys one and all!


I’d like to join a new group please.