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@mikechristopher we aren’t starting until Friday so could get the others in to save them waiting.


As mentioned would be great to have these guys added as well.


Yeah could I be added to that group please?

Just some feedback from me @mikechristopher @admin I much preferred the larger group to start. Although there is always the inevitable guys who drop out, it still leaves a big group and great discussion and people are not posting for the sake of it.
Might be something to get a view from all participants if your looking at shaking things up a bit


What he said


Evening all - could I be added to the next group please - thanks


can I be added to the next group thanks


Hello…was just wondering if we will be going into this group for Friday.
@admin @mikechristopher
Thanks once again.


It’ll be @emma1 taking the next group.


Happy enough to get the guys in for a big group again. Starting tomorrow and they are eating to go :+1:t2::sunglasses:


@admin @mikechristopher can I be added to tomorrows group please?


Very much this. The SPITE group worked really well with the higher numbers but it looks like we’ll now be split into two smaller groups of 10, which some of the ‘veterans’ suggested doesn’t work as well.


This from me x2


I think 10 is a good amount, they used to be 5 to 6 members per group.


Hi guys,

I’ve just added you guys to the JULEP group after reading your feedback here on the larger groups. I think I’ve added everyone but if not just @ me and I’ll get it sorted.



Thank you.


Thank you @emma1.


Thanks v much






I’d like to join a group please