Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


I’ve not been on here for a while. Can I join the next group.


Hi, looking for a group to join!


Hello, I’ve not been on for almost a year. Put on half a stone, my heaviest ever. Time to change that. Can I join a group please?


Any chance I can be added to the next group?
Like the 10 by easter challenge but do enjoy the commitment of a group!

Oh and as I side note I do like the sound of bigger groups, even if it might mean having to wait a bit longer to get one up and running @admin



Hi there,
I am ready for the next one as my grounds this week.


AWARD is drawing to a close. I’m ready to go straight into a new group, please


Hello, hello. It’s crap to be fat, it’s crap to be fat. Can I make another comeback with a new group please…


Hi! Award is coming to an end, can I get a new group?


Hi @admin @mikechristopher

Think that takes us to 9, any chance we can look at setting up a new group?


Cheers :grinning:


Can I jump into the next group too please?


Could you add me to the next group please.


I’d like to join a group if possible


Any chance of us starting up soon?


Hi guys!

I’ve put together team @ZEBRA! You should be able to access the group here - but let me know if you have any problems.

If I remember correctly there are 12 of you in the group, but I’m happy to add a few more if there’s anyone who wants in ASAP as I know the larger groups have been popular.


Ready to get the ball rolling for a new group. :+1:t2:


Ready to be included in new group


Hi it’s the last few days of my current group so please put me down for the next one please


Ready for a new group please as Team Julep is coming to an end.

Happy to go again with them all as one of my most productive groups.


Just rounding off a groups so would love to be in the next one.


Ready for a new group in a few days please! Nice big one again would be great.