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Can I be added to the next group please?


Balls to it, I’m in for the next one please.


Please add me to a new group as JULEP is coming to an end. Hoping to continue in a new group with the guys who’ve already posted above me.


Hi I am another member of Team Julep thats coming to an end shortly. As along time user of MVF this has easily been one of my best and most interactive groups so would like to go again with these guys if possible


That’s 10. Do we want a few extra? As it’s the same group other than big balls there. Best waiting on the big group again


Must admit I am liking the big group effect. Yes there are always 1 or 2 who drop off and I know that I myself have had the odd day here and there where I couldn’t post but the big group means that the team doesn’t lose momentum. In the past I have been in groups where you are down to 2 or 3 by the end and the group just drifts along.


Hi, would like to join a group :+1:


Could I be added to a new group please?


12 folks but happy to wait on 2 more with our group finishing in a few days @admins @mikechristopher @Andy_Gallon @admin @emma1


Julep has been a great group and looking forward to the next group


Late to the party here. I am also a member of the mighty Team Julep. If t all possible would love to rolled into another evolution with this gang. We have nemesis weights and rowing machines to go crush. Thanks!


@emma1 - any chance you can add us all in please? We like a big group. :blush:


Yeah we need Andy hes a great motivator within groups all be it he is a toffee :wink:


New team! Team @WATER - ever so imaginatively named after the water on my desk and hopefully a good reminder to you to drink enough water :laughing:



I’d like to join a group and am raring to go.


Kay Ray


@emma1 get him in :point_up_2:t2:



@KayRay you should be able to access the group now:



Thanks Emma


I quite fancy gettin back in a group but only if its not 2 big (had 2 driop out last time cos it was abit much) and only if ppl dont mind.
I had a wee break from groups


I would like to join a new group also!