Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group

Put me down for a new group as well please :+1:

Hi, looking to get back into this after some time away! Looking to join a group!

Hi could I join a new group please? Preferably starting just after Easter if poss. Thanks

Can I join a new group as well please?

@Biffa94 @Steve_Green @Darren1996 @Chocoholic @BigJase

I am happy to request a small group from Admin if you are all happy with it otherwise we will never get started?


Alreet mate long time no speak! Hope ur well
Honestly am.not bein funny but i think the @admin r away or somthing, they just not been able 2 go on, heard nowt, so i dunno were we go from here

Okay, there is way too much of me. It’s time to make some changes. How do I join a group…?

Looking to join the next group .

hi also looking to join the next group


Id like to be in the next group

ZEBRA is finishing in a couple of days. I’ll be ready for a new group, after Thursday.

I am keen to join a group. Summer holidays are coming up and I am way over weight. I have six weeks to make myself less Whale shaped. Started the 5:2 diet this week, plus cycling to work.

that is awesome - well done. I’m hoping that by joining a group I will be able to achieve something similar!

Sorry for the delay guys. I’ve added you into Team @BANJO!

If anyone else wants to be added to it in the next few days, just @ me and I’ll get you added to save you waiting around for the next one

Want to join plz

Just added you to Team Banjo!

You should be able to access it via that link, let me know if you have any problems

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Thankyou :slight_smile:

If its ok, id like to get going in this group?

@emma1 would I be able to join this one also please. Just finish my last and keen to keep going.

I’d like to join the next group please.