Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


Can you add me to the next group please. Thanks


@stuartpmathers & @mascott514 I’ve added you to Team Banjo - you should now be able to access it via the link I posted a few days ago


Hi, I keep doing 30 day challenges and I have lost as much as 10 lbs. But then revert to my starting weight which is where I am now. 112 kilos/246 lbs. I’ve had a problem with my knees hurting when I walk down stairs. Doctor says “loose weight” or an operation! So now its serious!!! Can you fit me in to the next group?


Looking for a new group folks. Get us in @atb88 and the rest of my crew @emma1


I’m in for the next one please!


I’m up for the next group please.


Keen to join next group please, thanks @emma1


Had a short break. Now looking at getting back into a group. Can you add me to the next one please @emma1


Welcome back D👍🏻


I’m in for next one too, nice big group again be great after a good Water group


I am in for the next one too please.

Another fan of Water so would love to stay with the guys there in a big group.


I am also looking to join the next group if possible.



Great to get in a new group too as Water Boys has been fab and nearing the end.


@emma1 @admin work your magic


Next available group would be grand. Holiday has well and truly crept up on me and i need a kick up the arse!


Just come back on here

Keen to join a 30 day group ASAP!



Any news on the new group yet @admin @emma1

@atb88 and @Greenballs you’re the most experienced on here that I know. Any news. I’m away till Sunday.


Not much around only @atb88 is killing it. Good to have you back. New group should be ready to go soon enough for starting when you get back.


Also looking to join a new group for when WATER ends in a few days. Would love to stay with those guys.


Hello hello!

We have a new team - team @QUACK! You can get settled into your new category here:

There are 15 of you in it and I think I’ve got everyone who commented since the last group but as ever let me know if I’ve missed you.

Happy QUACK-ing!