Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group


Cheers, @emma1, appreciate it!



I have been a bit lackse in Team Water but will be up for making-up in a follow on team if possible.




Hi, could I get in on the next available team thanks


Hi , I am just about to close out a great group (WATER) and would like to join another group. Hopefully with some of those guys in there.

I may have missed that boat @emma1 but I would hope the other guys dont mind shoehorning me in


@GaryT and @Lloyd_Nolan I’ve just added you to QUACK:

I’m going to close the team here though as we’re up to 17 and I know you guys will be starting soon!

So anyone replying after this will go in the next team, which may or may not also have a water-themed name :laughing:


Thanks @emma1. I am quackers with excitement at spending more time with these guys :grinning:


Hope you’re not tempted to take the URINE with the next one :wink:


Hi @emma1 thanks for adding to team Quack !!


Can I be added to a new group please?


It’s been a while since I last did one of these. Please include me in the next group.


Been a while for me too and I’d like to join the next group as well. Thank you!


@emma1, I am late to the party. I am part of team water and had not planned to continue with a group. But water is finishing superstrong and I have made quite a few friends in the group. Would love if you could add me to team quack. No big deal if it is too late. I will just sit in a corner and sing Céline Dion songs to myself.


Hi - back once again like the (fat) renegade master, waistline damager, power to my stomach. In other words, next group please. Preferably one to kick my arse

thank you


Hello, I am ready for a new group. Happy to go with a smaller one if everyone else is.


Can I be added to a group please - ta v much


Hi @emma1 any chance I can skip the queue and join a group, it will take months for five posts to make it to the forums all the way from New Zealand :slight_smile:


Yes I would like to join.


Can I join the next team please?


Looks like we have 10/11 people @emma1 @admin.


Apologies for being a tardy bugger over the last few months.

Please can I request a spot in the next group?