Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group

Hiya - I think that I’d better actually delay going into the next group - I’m on my holidays for 10 days n probably not fair - I’ll put my name down when I’m back - thanks

@Toadski999 tut tut get ur back into it😂. @emma1 what’s occurring

Alrighty team @SHAKE, you’re up!

There’s only 9 of you in this which is our smallest group for ages, so if anyone wants to join just @ me over the weekend and then on Monday I’ll add you in.

*Team SHAKE was lovingly inspired by a milkshake bottle I saw on the floor while walking earlier :laughing:

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I haven’t had a milkshake for years.
Thanks Emma. Looking forward once again.

@Greenballs - I’ll Be out of the group for 10 days - didn’t seem fair - However with such a small group of u wanna ask the lads I’ll gladly participate for the rest

Ur prob already in the group. Click on that tag there

I left you out because of your message, but if you want to be added in let me know!

Anyone else want in?

I’d like to join

I’m keen to try this out. Is there anything else I need to do?


@admin how long does it take to set up a group? I’m really keen to get started, but I want to manage my expectations.


It usually depends on how many/quickly people sign-up. They are usually created when numbers go past 10.

Rather than doing it on the forum is it not possible to do it in like a WhatsApp group? It would be a lot easier to keep track of as I’ve always been crap at remembering to post on groups here! Just a suggestion, I can’t join a group right now but thought I’d put it out there

Not been around here for a long time. I’ll sign up for a group.


@admin Please can I join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group

@emma1Can you help me out?

Nice to see you back Adrian.

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Right choice Emma - thanks it wasn’t fair to be out of group for 10days

Back to it now - could I please be added to next group- thanks

Hi - Banjo is limping to an end tomorrow. Could I have a new group, please?

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If it’s a big group give me a shout as we are ending next week and I see how long it takes for new groups

Hi gang, please can I join the next group? I have not not done very well for the last few months and today have just tipped into type 2 diabetes. I’m motivated to lose some weight and it would be great to do it some other guys. Thanks