Join Our Free 30 Day Weight Loss Experiment


I’d like to join please. I’ve been dieting five weeks and have lost 1.1Kg per week most weeks - over 7Kgs altogether. But I’m aware that it’s likely to get more difficult (or at least progress will be slower) as time goes on so I’d like to set myself the goal of 4Kg in 30 days.

My wife’s been away all my dieting weeks so far, and she’s back now - so I will face the additional challenge of resisting all her belly-busting meals…


I’m in. The only problem is I’m camping from 9th to the 14th of July in Norfolk.
When I went camping down West Wales in June there was no mobile signal for miles around.
Getting a daily weigh in might also be difficult in a field.
I would be willing to go for the 6lb goal too.
As long as the guys know my logging in might be patchy for the days I’m in Norfolk.


I will go for 4kgs over the next 30 days. Should hopefully be achievable even with a holiday in the middle.


A point of order: the two post per day rule applies every single day.

You can miss a weigh in if you’re not near your normal scales, but default from the two post per day rule and you’re out. No second chances, no exceptions. I’m having to post from a camp site with no wifi, so you have to post from a camp site/on a boat/while you’re on fire. If that changes things and you’re not going for it then say now.

Okey dokey, quick round up:

I’ve broken these teams down chronologically so it’s fairer.

@admin - 5lbs+ - (group leader)
@MikeN - 7lbs
@ChevalierTialys - 8.8lbs
@mikesquestforfitness - 12lbs
@CosmicHerb70 - 9lbs

@howmanymiles - 38lbs, two marathons and a full human flag AKA 10lbs (group leader)
@jc247always - 6lbs
@Bear - 10lbs
@AlanManley - 8lbs
@TimW - 6lbs+

@Jaxom - 6lbs
@Rich - 8.8lbs
@EmmaShanahan (not posted yet but she signed up for this offline - she’s also volunteered to run a group)
@Antony_Barson - need to set your goal - how much are you going to lose over the next 30 days?
@CRS1965 - 10lbs +

I know a few more have said that they want to join, so I think we’ll hit 15 and have three MVFIA groups of five, which is brilliant.

To recap the rules:

  • Clearly state your goals at the beginning of the 30 days
  • Post in the private group thread at least twice a day, every day
  • One of your posts must be your tracking (food, drink, exercise)
  • Miss the two post minimum and you’re out - no excuses, no second chances
  • At the end of the 30 days we review
  • Weigh in - suggested frequency once a week but you might feel like doing it more/less.

Alles klar?


This might see me climbing a tree to get mobile reception on my phone, so while away my posts might be short and sweet.
I’ve never been to this campsite before. You never know, I might be lucky and have phone reception.
I’ve been told there is only two toilets and two showers on site to serve the 200 people who are supposed to be turning up. It’s on a working dairy farm, and not a regular campsite. It’s a case of mates offering up a field for a fun weekend.
I think I will be taking a drive off site at least once a day to find a more amenable set of amenities. I’m sure a local supermarket is going to have both mobile reception, a cafe with wifi and easy access to a clean loo. I might look a little odd sitting in the cafe if I don’t get a shower the morning following the DayGlow 80’s Disco :slight_smile:
And before anyone asks… It’s a load of Middle Aged people who intend to party like they are 21 again. We have to take all our rubbish away with us too as there are no bins on the farm to dispose of it while staying there.
After we leave the cows get their field back.
So I’m still in, and up for the chalange as long as short posts are acceptable.
When do we start?


I’m definitely in… Were having our first baby by c-section Monday but will make sure I nip out for a quick post or two. :wink:

What is the start date?


I’d love to have a go at this. 14st 8lb (started at over 16st) and want the beach body by the end of September. I exercise a lot but also drink too much. If I was accountable to the group, perhaps I could cut back. I’d say stop, but not at this time of year.


I’m gonna be gutted if I fall foul of the posting rule on the last day! :joy:


Any room left on the programme?
Finished up the Fathers Day choccies & beer today, so this is serendipitous.
According to the scales I’m 104.6kg, so is hitting <100kg realistic in 30 days?
Would be a b’day pressie to myself as I hit 50 on 5th August.


Me too, you’re in my group!





Just testing the private groups function and will update you - please could you take a look at this thread.

In theory - only me, @MikeN, @ChevalierTialys, @mikesquestforfitness and @CosmicHerb70 should be able to see it - can anyone confirm?


Awesome news @AlanManley - you’re setting the bar - if you can post twice a day while you’re having a baby then @CosmicHerb70 and @Jaxom have got no excuses!


I can confirm I can’t see the post. :+1:


On the plus side I’m betting tree climbing or shimmying up telephone poles will help burn those calories.


Yes,yes, yes. Not the best of timing in that one or two things are out of my control, but need to start at some point and it may as well be right away.

Measurable -
Lose 5 kg from pre-surgery weight on 26 June. ( I can’t weigh when I choose just now so it needs to be from last recorded rather than here and now.

Other - to keep making ‘the right choice’ where poss from hospital menus! Too easy to lie here with reduced calorific need and think this can’t hurt’! Bit of accountability would be good, they do do nice crumbles here :wink:


I’m keen on this and would like to lose 6lbs.


Sounds Perfect - I definitely need something like this - very stalled on my diet. I need to lose 8 lbs over the 30 days to prove to my self I can do it. This will take me lower than I have been for over 15 years!


I can’t see it either so all good so far - good luck to the rest of my group - oh ok and to the other groups I guess as my group is going to smash this and show the rest of you up

War paint on and we are good to go


I am willing to do this but I may have missed the boat… Let me know!


Assuming I am too late - perils of working weekends :frowning:

If anyone drops out or feels they can’t meet the criteria please let me know - I need this to kick start my weight loss. Always get the first few lbs, then stop and so give up. I need to get the the magic stone to prove I can do it…