Joined up at last!



Hi all,

Finally gotten over the nerves and joined up for Eastbourne!

Really enjoyed playing football when younger, but my height/ weight put me firmly in the rugby category, until I detached my retina when I was 14.

Not 100% sure of what’s required though. What kit will I need to start out? I’m part of the WhatsApp group, so hopefully more info will come through there too.

Cheers all!



Hello mate,

Well done on signing up, it’s a great laugh down at Eastbourne and a good way to shift a few pounds.

RE kit; have a look at and find your team in the fixtures/results section. You just need to wear a shirt of that colour, simple as that!

Also worth noting that you’ll need shin pads to be allowed to play. Footwear wise, astros or moulds are fine as we play on 4g.

Hope that helps, any other questions give me a shout!

See you down there,