July Running/Walking Challenge

Event Title: Run Around the World
Link: https://runthings.co.uk/events/run-around-the-world/

Date: 1st-31st July 2019
Cost: £14 (all proceeds go to the mental health charity MIND)
Location: Anywhere

Run Around the World is a virtual challenge that runs across the whole month of July. There are 4 teams - North, South, East and West and the premise is simple, all miles ran or walked count towards the team total and the idea is to be the first to total 40,075 km, the distance of the circumference of the globe. All profits go towards supporting mental health and the great work of the charity MIND. I’m involved with Team North and would love anyone that’s interested to join us – It doesn’t matter where you live, in fact, if you live north of the Antarctic you are very welcome!

If anyone fancies joining our team you would be extremely welcome. Entry costs £14 and you get a cracking medal at the end of the month. If you’re interested, you can sign-up at the event web site (link above). You can either join as a solo for Team North, or join an existing team called ‘Northern Stars’ if you want a bit more interaction with others. There is no pressure to do lots of miles (unless you want to!) as, literally, every mile counts to the team total, whether it’s running or walking. You can of course join one of the other teams, but I’d prefer you not to! :wink:

Any questions give me a shout.

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