Just got banned from the joe wicks bodycoach FB group


Just got banned from the joe wicks bodycoach fb group for helping a handful of people workout their calorie and macronutrient needs :joy::joy::joy:

Many ppl still had no idea how fat loss works 3 months after using his plan and paying £147 (for a generic copy and paste one size fits all plan) and hadnt gotten any results… completely not their fault, they’re paying money to be taught this stuff

I gave a handful of confused people asking for advice a tiny bit of free helpful info and they banned me for

Just proves that they WANT ppl to remain confused so they can keep milking them for money :rage::rage::rage:

7 things we learned in April

Glad you helped them out. You’re right about keeping them confused to get more money so good for you for helping out. There is so much conflicting info around about weightloss, it’s easy to get sucked into a plan.
Keep fighting the good fight @maxnas!


The most frustrating thing about it is that guys are now searching for these magic plans. I have guys say to me all the time - “so are you going to give me a weird meal plan and exercise routine that guarantees me success?” When you explain they don’t need to spend a fortune on things like that and they just need to focus on consuming less than you burn they don’t want to know.


Well done @maxnas
Consider your banning as a badge of honour.


I’m constantly saying “there’s loads of people making millions from weight loss programmes when it comes down to creating a calorie deficit”.
Calorie deficit, ummm,… wonder where I read that @maxnas?


Aye, @maxnas a lass I was commuting with was singing his praises about all the stuff she was eating and her not very intense version of his HIIT, until I pointed out she was getting bigger and then spent that journey running his recipes through MFP… funnily enough she’s not commuting with me anymore!


Never mind Joe Wicks, can you take David Wolfe down? Ideally with extreme prejudice, whatever that means.


People been trying to take that new age shyster fck down for years. He’s bulletproof. Basically because like that President bloke, he has no shame whatsoever


Just had a look at Wolfes website.
Stopped laughing after 20 minutes or so.
I like his potted biography where 9 out of 10 of the paragraphs started with the word “David”.
Anyway, I’ve ordered a couple of books, some chocolate and a jacket that does up at the back.


Is he the nutribullet bloke who thinks mushrooms come from outer space?


So crazy that the information you present @maxnas isnt just readily available. Everyone has a fast or get rich quick idea and your info is just facts!


I’d fully bought into the Tim Ferris stuff before seeing the light thanks to @maxnas. Hey I’m eating steak and lentils and buying books but not losing weight…something wrong there. Over-complicating an incredibly simple equation. Keep up the good work mate.


'till I’m 6 feet under… or cremated, buried at sea, planted as a tree, etc… whatever… you get the point lol


Absolutely cannot stand David ‘avocado’ Wolfe almost as much as the idiots who repost his memes on Facebook. What are his qualifications to give nutritional advice? These lifestyle gurus are the modern equivalent of snake oil quacks.


Yea Maxnas keep going. There is a lot of rubbish out there. I haven’t bothered with any of the people mentioned. I have never tried a fad diet of any kind. Good work mate.


I’ve just been working on getting up a new blog today… I’ve put the entire ‘Complete Guide’ all 4 parts on the front of the blog & every week I’ll make a new video lesson/guide

Honestly, after this crap, getting banned for helping people, I really feel like I just need to put as much real & free info out as pssible

Nothing to sell (I’m not currently doing any PT coaching as I’m too busy) just good, solid free guides & information… there’s an opt in form on the blog by the way, but I have no intention of doing any kind of salesy email marketing, It’s just to send the video lesson/updates out automatically each week to anyone who subscribes

I’ve canceled the old ‘icanmakeyoulean’ blog, and this new blog is called bodywithscience.com

The blog looks shitty atm, I’ll tidy it up a bit over the weeks ahead and as I add the video guides/lessons, but I’m not overly concerned with aesthetics to be honest.

Right, lets get working on getting REAL, sucker-proof & useful info out there & fight the good fight against the big money fitness fads! :slight_smile:



Gonna have a look right now.


I think like most celebrity endorsed/lifestyle diets/exercise regimes JW promotes the unachieveable at least in the context of the everyday life of people. Its forgotten that Joe Wicks spends his whole life being “Joe Wicks” he doesn’t live a life outside of it. It is easy to do one thing really well ( in his case its diet and fitness) if that is all you do. Its like the concept of having all your eggs in one basket: ideally his, and other diets like it should start by saying, " In order for you to be successful you must stop working, readjust your friendship circle, join a gym and focus ENTIRELY" on eating ,weight and shape. Few can do that so they fail.


Sounds rather cult like