Just joined..... already confused!

Hi all. Recently joined, looking to shed 15 to 20lbs and improve my fitness.
I’m awaiting my first session which I was emailed as being 3rd June, playing for Doncaster Inter Kebabs. Then received a £3 refund from PayPal for a cancelled session but no other explanation. Can anyone shed any light on if Monday is still going ahead please.

If you signed up prior to 27th May, that credit back is because there are no matches on bank holidays. If you have been told 3rd June, I don’t see a problem… :+1:

Totally makes sense Darren, cheers… now looking forward to tomorrow.

session is definitely going ahead in Dncaster tonight, your team are plying first 7pm kick off, but you will need to be there from 6:30pm approx as you will need to get weighed and measured and then you will be introduced to other members of your team before the game starts, they play in green shirts, playing against a team that wear black , so if you don’t have green as long as it isn’t black you should be okay