Just joined north Tyneside league

Hi I’ve just joined north Tyneside league anyone else just joined or have been involved before



Same here, I just joined over the weekend.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Anyone else here from the North Tyneside League…?

Have you played in any other leagues it’s my first time


Hi, no. This is my first time also.

I’m quite excited for it to begin and playing!

Yeah so am I it’s been a long time

I have just joined the North Tyneside MvF. Although missed the last two seasons I done 4 seasons previously at Newcastle. It was very good and got me down 13kg. Unfortunately this plus more is back on so going to work hard on that this time!

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Sounds good I haven’t set myself a target I’m just hoping to lose as much as I can I’m looking forward to playing footy again

Hi Colin, Four of us who have just joined the North Tyneside league have previously played a few seasons at MvF Newcastle. You won’t regret it. See you at registration night.

:+1::+1: see you ar registration night

Signed up today after waiting for a year for the planned one is Wallsend to start!! Hoping to shift a couple of stone (or more) between this and a bit of running! Looking forward to starting!

I’m looking to lose roughly the same it should be fun