Just joined today!

Hi guys

Just thought I would say hello! Saw myself in a reflection in a window the other day and thought what a fat bastard! I knew then that I needed to take action. Currently 18st with a BMI of 32.5. My short term target is getting down to just overweight (BMI<30) rather than ‘obese’ as I am now. Hoping to do this in 2-3 months

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Welcome @Nick1980
Welcome posts from the usual suspects in 3…2…1…

Thanks TommyD. Congrats on losing the 10 pounds!

Welcome and well done for noticing yur reflections. I’ve been avoiding mine for years, but it still keeps following me around.

Hi, all I’ve lurking around the site for a while and decided to make the jump to contributing. Short history, my weight had been fluctuating around 92 -95 kg (target 85). but over last year rose to 115 following bilateral knee replacements, pituitary issues and depression. And since being determined to reach my target of 85Kg at the beginning of the year I have lost the grand total of zilch nada zero or any other way of describing nothing. So hoping that using the site for support will help me reach my target for my sons wedding day Feb 2018.


Well done for contributing. The more you put in to the forums, the more you get out. Sign yourself up for a 30 day group. 10Kg drop by next Feb is very achievable.

Hi there and i hope u achieve what u want from man v fat, i was same as u, saw a video of myself at Xmas and that was my turning point. Joined mvf in jan and started the football in Feb and have lost nearly 3stone from just the motivation of working as a team. It is hard work as i quit smoking new yrs also and the this site has helped me get through both demons.

Welcome @Nick1980! Have you thought about joining a MVFIA 30 day weight loss group to get you started? …

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Welcome one and all - as @Adrian says here’s the new starter pack!

The ultimate new member welcome post

Just joined today - currently 16 1/2 stone and could really do with dropping 2 stone. I travel a lot with work so I’m hoping that a group of like minded men will help keep me motivated and on track - lets see if I can keep on track