Just joined. What's first?



Hi. I signed up while at the Harriers on Saturday. What’s the the first thing to do?

Turn up with some kit? Who do I ask for?


Hi mate, welcome to the club. You’ll not regret it!

Your coach should be in touch with you soon to allocate you to a team. They’ll tell you what you need to bring etc.

Hope all goes well!


Cheers and appreciate the reply and support. It’s probably the only exercise related club/activity I’ve seen that made me want to join immediately


Same, mate! Best thing I’ve done in years.

Sitting here starving now but knowing I’ll let my team down if I put on weight is keeping me from snacking!


I’m literally sitting here living up to my teams name! Midnight Feast!!! :cookie::sandwich::grimacing:


If I didn’t know you worked nights, I’d be excited about Tuesday’s weigh in!


Ha ha, thing is though most sundays is a half night & I work 6pm until Midnight then try not to snack before bedtime! :grimacing: