Just registered what next



Hi I’ve just registered with this league just wondering what I do next to get started thanks kieran


Hi Kieran, you should get an email to join a whatsapp group for the Ipswich league, then you will get placed into a team with an invite to join their team chat. Im not sure when this will start (I registered a month before the new season and first went to registration night as my first week) we are about to play our 7th game tomorrow (so half way through).
If you private message Tom Irving (league coach) when you are in the whatsapp group, im sure he will let you know.
Hope it helps


Thank you for your reply I’ve added the what’s app group so I’ll send a message thank you


anytime bud, look forward to having another player! all the new guys (including me) got added to the white team (Real Madras) so we might see you soon!


I can’t make it till the 30th but I’ll be coming looking forward to given it ago