Just registered what next?

Just registered for the league just wondering on what happens next, the email says to hit the link but that just takes me to a page to register again.

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Hi Elliot!

If you have setup the payment details then you should be hearing from the lead coach (if you haven’t already) who will assign you to a team and give you all necessary details. The only hold up would be if all teams have been filled and there is a waiting list. You should receive and e-mail either way.

I look forward to seeing you on the pitch and scales!

I’m in the same boat, only just registered today but looking forward to get going.

I’m hoping there’s not much of a waiting list, if any.

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Hi there,

I have sent you an e-mail, once you have replied, we should be able to get you up and running, figuratively and literally!

Hi. Just registered and recieved email regarding the waiting list.
Is there anyway of seeing how many people or waiting etc to see if its worthwile lookimg at other options ??

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Hi David,

I’m the lead coach of the Glasgow league. Welcome! Good to see you are keen to get started.

We will be able to get you going fairly swiftly as there are slots available in the league. I will send you over an email which you will need to reply to before we can get you set up properly.

Edit: Assuming of course you are looking to join the Glasgow league as this is a Glasgow tagged thread.

Sorry john. Just noticed its a glasgow thread. Was actually interested in the leeds league

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No worries.

All the best and hope you hit the ground running in Leeds!

Hi i too have just joined in cambridge, and am looking to start in the next league in june, when will i be conracted and how…??

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Hi Mark,

You should receive an email from your local coach when a space is free (there may be a waiting list) with more information.

All the best.

Hi john i have just signed up to join the glasgow league yesterday paid my registration etc but noticed the league games started today am i too late joining this season? Does that mean i need to wait until the next season to start? Also the link i was sent for the WhatsApp group isnt working

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Hi there Robert!

It is never too late to get going, you will just be a week or two behind the other guys who joined at registration. I have sent you an e-mail and after you have replied, I’ll get more information sent over to you.

Hope you’re well!

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