Just signed up Hinckley


I just signed up for Hinckley league. Can you tell me what are next steps?

My name is Szymon and I’m from Poland. I’m 29 years old and I love playing football. I’m a team leader at Eddie Stobart and I’m doing 12 hours shift but it won’t affect my ability to show up for games.


Hi Simon, you just need to wait to get contact from your league coach inviting you down to a session. How long this will take will depend on if they currently have spaces available, and if not, how long the waiting list is.
Just keep checking your in box every couple of days and hopefully you won;t be waiting too long

Cheers mate

So is this not something you just turn up to then?! That should be made a little more clear… was really looking forward to a good kick about​:sob::sob:

Well didn’t have to wait for long as same day got assigned to team and already played 2 games.

That’s great thanks for the info, look forward to seeing you in Hinckley at some point! :+1:t3: