Just signed up newbie

Hey just signed and been assigned a team can anyone tell me which boots are best astro turf trainers or moulded studs… cheers looking forward to first session.

Opinions vary, I prefer Astro’s. Don’t go spending a fortune first time out, there’s nothing wrong with a pair of Sondico’s from Sports Direct.

Hello mate. How long did it take to get assigned to a team? I’ve only just signed up but curious how long it usually takes?

I got signed up next day to a team where have you signed up too?

There isn’t an answer as to how long, you’re waiting for someone to quit and create a vacancy.
Most seasons are 14 weeks and a lot of people leave at the end of a season. Keep an eye on your league you want to join when it’s getting near season end be sure to let the league coach know you’re still interested.
When vacancies do occur they often need to be filled at short notice. Be sure to check your emails regularly you don’t want to miss your spot.

Sunderland. I should have been more patient, I’ve received the various emails and have a game next week.

Who did you get signed to i play in sunderland?

Sunderland (white)?

Ahh im on inter me naan bread lol played sunderland white on tuesday