Just signed up to Northampton

Bit the bullet, Joined, don’t know a single soul. anyone on here go there?

Hi ya buddy, I did the same a couple of weeks ago. I was a bit hesitant at first but as soon as I got to goals and met everyone I found everyone to be extremely friendly (with lots of banter) and the football really competitive.
Do you know what team you’re in yet?


Hi, I’ve just signed up to Northampton and will be at the registration on Tuesday, I’ve been put in the purple team, Borussia Munchenflapjack!! Looking forward to it,

Welcome guys

Northampton is a great league. We have registration night this Tuesday so a great time to start. We are all in new teams for the next 3 x 14 week seasons.

You will really enjoy it, there is a great group of lads.

Hi mate, yeah our registration is tomorrow night - 7.30pm at The Cobblers. Look forward to seeing you there.