Just signed up to the site. Wanting to loose fat, especially belly fat

Hi, I am 30 and I now weigh nearly 17st, wouldn’t say that I am really fat/chubby but my belly is getting pretty big, I go to the gym a few times a week, but I just can’t seem to shift it I have put on a lot of muscle especially shoulders, chest and legs. But the belly won’t go.
Diet is pretty hard to keep, working full time, with only 1 25 min break in a 8hr 15min shift, and my partner works full time and we have a 2 year old.
The hardest thing is to find information on a good diet that will suit people who are pretty fussy eaters, I don’t eat salad and fish and just recently started eating chicken and mince meat.
My new diet starts tomorrow I am going to try oaks for breakfast, chicken and rice for dinner, a proteine shake at some point through the day, and chicken, potatoes peas and sweet corn for tea. I am going to try my hardest to cut out bread, chrisps, choloate etc.
but I am always pretty peckish during the day time so what would be good snacks to have that ain’t fatty.
I am new to this site all the help I can get would be much appreciated.
I am also gonna try and get my self to the gym more now on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Hi there you made your first good decision by joining this site. There is a wealth of information about how to loose weight so go for it. My only tip would be don’t be too optimistic about the rate at which you want to loose weight. Set a target weight and aim to loose 1lb a week so 2 stone is 6 months. If you achieve a faster rate of loss then great if you achieve 1lb a week you will still get there but psychologically you won’t get frustrated at the slower rate. Good luck.

I am not saying one size fits all - but a while back we had a topic that collated all the stuff that works for us and a bit of what doesn’t

Here is the link - it’s a good starting point - just dive in and join in - oh and consider a MVFIA accountability group - the thread is pinned at the top of the list

Oh and welcome by the way :wink:

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Welcome - great to have you here. If I were you I’d stop thinking about trying to adopt a diet which is a struggle to fit with your life - life will always win! Just track what you’re eating and start cutting out the stuff that’s not helping you. If you don’t know what that is just post your tracking on here and we can help. Likewise just start thinking about the things that you eat which you could upgrade - e.g. cut out the pies for snacks and swap for apples - dead simple and it will work.

For best new snacks take a look at these -


I agree with all of the previous suggestions. The worst thing would be to go on a “diet”. That implies that you’ll willpower your way through some weight loss, but then will most likely regain it once you get tired of it. So one idea is, rather than overhauling everything all at once, start with small, simple steps. If you love chocolate, keep chocolate in your diet. Just limit the amount, or when you have it, so overall you are cutting down. Or if bread is an issue, start to limit your consumption. That way you don’t feel deprived. If you’re like me, once you call a food forbidden, you start to really crave it more. For me, it’s more like - there aren’t any forbidden foods, I just limit them, and plan around them.

But yeah, for your overall goal of losing belly fat, a combination of diet and exercise will accomplish that. Basically you need to be at a caloric deficit, and you’ll want to start food logging a bit to know where you are.

Hey Dodge,

quick question mate… this should also help you MASSIVELY if you can uncover the underlying reasons & then go layers deep

WHY do you need/want to lose weight, specifically belly fat?

What do you think is the ONE big thing that’s getting in the way?

What are you afraid will happen if you don’t get this sorted out ASAP?

What will be the outcome WHEN you succeed?

And after all this time, why NOW?

You sound a bit like me(similar starting weight and belly fat). I’m doing what used to be called Slimming World Original or Red Days. Syns are involved too. You basically drop bread as you are doing and carb from one meal a day, best one is evening meals (there is some science but I havnt a clue what!). It’s worth getting the books which will explain it all, they are often on Ebay. It’s also an all you can eat meat diet. The other thing is that as much fruit as you can eat is allowed as snacks.I find it really easy and I am rarely hungry. Lost 9 lbs in 9 weeks so far. I had set a slow rate initially. Booze is allowed but will count as Syns…gin and vodak are best value!

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I think Slimming World gave me a heart arrhythmia because it prized gin and slimline tonic so I used to hammer that (in, um, rather novel quantities). Anyway, it’s blatantly not my fault.


I am the same. The belly fat is hard to shift.
I have been working at it for a while and my legs and shoulders look like that of a fit man, but the belly of a bus driver (no offense to bus drivers, it is just what popped into my head).

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You shrink me guys don’t give up do you, bloody hell.