Kent league


Hi all. Any news on the Kent league. I’d be very interested in setting up/running. Just need info. Also from fellow newbies in the Kent area


Depends on where abouts in Kent your looking for mate. Check out the map of the leagues here for more details on them -


Any other questions @MvFFootballHelp should be able to help as well.


I have signed up to the Kent League (waiting) I am local to Maidstone, where is everyone from?


Whilst you wait, have a read of our new member post.


I have registered for the Kent League but how do i know how the numbers are progressing.? Believe waiting until 30 have signed up.

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Hi @Dunny
Welcome to MANvFAT!

We currently have 16 people registered against our kent league. Dont forget to recommend to family, friends & colleagues using your referral code - the more people that get in the quicker we can get this one going :slight_smile:


Thanks Mike…
and is the number required 30…?


That is correct. There are some FAQs here:


Hi, any increase in numbers yet. May have to look at another league if this doesn’t get up and running soon…



Really interested in joining if players are still needed! I’m near Maidstone/Medway.


Evening all, just signed up. I live in Maidstone and would be interested in playing if there’s anything local?


Make sure you pop your postcode on this page to show what live and planned leagues are currently available to register onto:-