Keto diet - advice, books, experience

Have begun reducing carb intake in preparation for the Keto diet and would love to here from you guys about any experience out there.

I did it 20 years ago and it worked… the day I stopped I gain all the weight back. It’s not a long term solution.

I would never do it again. I felt horrible most of the time.

I would PASS on that diet.

I did Dukan for a fortnight, which is pretty much zero carb. It was utterly miserable. These days I much prefer to reduce carbs but eat good slow carbs (sweet potatoes>potatoes, etc) instead. It definitely works, but as @Piper says it’s a bit hard to sustain so I’m not sure what it really teaches you as such.

I am a huge fan of Keto and have lost quite a lot of weight on it before (serial yo yoer here). I plan to start back in January with it.

I think one of the best resources out there which is free is on Reddit and their keto sub reddit. Loads of useful links, and links to related sub reddits including a keto sub for UK ketoers (great UK supermarket finds etc).

The guys there are amazing and range from the basic low carbers to those who live keto hard core. There are often posts featuring really quick and easy meal ideas too.

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Having looked into it in some detail I found it slightly too extreme for me, as consuming a total <50g carbs per day to be difficult. Low carb but not in ketosis (<150g carbs/day) seems to work for me and it’s straight forward in the ‘real world’.

There’s tonnes of references out there, but one of the better books I’ve read recently (listen rather) is “Living low carb” by Jonny Bowden who cover ketosis as well as other variations on low carb to a good level of detail, if you fancy geeking out over this sort of thing.

Thanks chaps.

I wanting to give it a go mostly in order to loose the last bit of weight I have to loose.

I’m into the second week and while the first week was extremely tough the second week has been great. Although I feel fine and actually really full of energy I have not as yet returned a positive ketone test. Which is strange.

I’ll definately look into these references. Thanks again guys.

I also did the Dukan last year. Lost a lot of weight. Put most (not all) back on. But I learnt a lot about the food types restricting weight loss. I am now doing a kind of modified or less
Strict Dukan, Less carbs, but not to the Dukan extent. Working so far… I’d say go for it and learn from it…

I don’t know anything about that diet. However, if one watches his diet and selects low carb foods then the same thing can be accomplished. I just looked at my food record for the last three months, averaging 53g/day. Here is a chart for the last 3 months (ignore the goal, software puts “normal” use in by default. Now, it does go with my calorie intake, so I’d assume if my calories were higher then carbs would be higher too. Adding the calorie chart for the last three months as well for comparison.

I’m always on/off a low carb diet. It works for me, when i’m on it as i am now, as it takes out lots of food that I would normally treat myself with…pork pies, crisps and sandwiches.

The downsides I found is bad breath and until you’ve been on it a while tiredness.

The upsides are the weight falls off from where I need it to most, stomach, chins and moobs.