Knee Injury - Physio?


Hello all,

I’ve recently had an injury from our man v fat league. Long story short my knee gave out, after seeing a doctor yesterday the good news was there was no damage to the main ligaments. However the other muscles below have been significantly damaged effecting movement and rotation of the joint, It has also filled the joint with blood which has caused swelling and although this is going down slowly it’s still a real pain.

My question was, do we have anyone with a background in sports physio? Who maybe knows some exercises I could be doing to speed / aid my recovery.

Injury happened Friday just gone (20/04/18) I hate being injured and I’m bored out my tree! any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Defo see a physio mate


one booked for the first week of may! cheers


Do you think Matt should put his leg up for complete rest, or should he be bending his knee at regular intervals to avoid it stiffening up? Or would that be down to the physio once he’s seen the state of the knee?
If flexing it is advisable should he simply move it within his comfort range or try to increase that range bit by bit?


It really depends on what the injury is mate, so seeing a physio should be the first thing on the list before anything else


Let’s hope it’s good news from the physio!


Don’t rush back as I did that (20 years ago mind) and then ruptured my ACL which then meant many many months not doing any football as well as a long procedure and now have pins in my knee. So be patient with it for your own long term benefit.


Mate I have really bad knee damage and 5 years ago. I had keyhole surgery done since then it had gone again but I have learned to not push it too far. Since joining ManVFat I have had no issues abvoisly my weight has dropped so will only improve. Defiantly see a GP or physician and keep maybe at good strong support and don’t push to much just play what you can even if it’s 10 mins a week still part of the team :+1:t2: