Konjac Rice / Noodles / Spaghetti


Saw this offer crop up on Facebook so thought I would finally order some to try.

Never doing things by half, ordered 2 lots of 10 for £22.78.

Open, rinse, add to dish for final 3 minutes of cooking seems to be the procedure.

So a nice hot spicy chilli sauce, chicken, vegetables & this thrown together will probably be my usage.

Anybody else used this stuff much?


Yep, when I’m in a ‘leaning out’ (deficit) phase, I live off these mate


So made a beansprouts, mushroom, pepper & onion in a smoky BBQ chilli sauce… Added2 packs of Konjac & made 4 portions.

280 calories for a plate full & quite filling.


I’ve never tried anything like this but I’ve heard that it smells really bad. What says your nose? :grin:

That looks really nice


Yes they smell when you open them. It’s because they are packaged in a seaweed based liquid to protect the product I’m told.

Rinse with cold water for 3 minutes it said on the packet so I did before adding to the pan. Smell was gone after that, they are different to normal pasta & I don’t think they are designed to be eaten alone though but I found the dish I made perfectly edible & enjoyable. :+1:


My sister in law gave me a load of konjac zero calorie/carb noodles a few months ago, I couldn’t get to grips with them to be honest, I wasn’t eating too many sauce heavy meals which I think they go best with.

I basically made a clear broth to have them with from stock, and the two just didn’t work together.

Fair play if they are working for you though.


Yep, 100% agree, you HAVE to douse these in some kind of sauce, otherwise you’ll die a little on the inside lol

They’re disgusting by themselves, but when mixed with a sauce you can’t really taste them at all


@maxnas what sauce do you use - just out of interest - I read the “cutting” comment?