Lamb Doner Kebab

Hi all. I don’t know about you but I love a lamb doner. I found a recipe on Pinterest and I made it today in the slow cooker. It was amazing if I do say so myself.
I want to post the recipe from Pinterest but don’t know how to do the link in here. If someone can instruct me please do



If this is an under 500ckal meal… you should be a friggin’ millionaire!!! :heart_eyes:


Looks great.
Missus has me on slimming world and we eat curry and Chinese regularly.
Tbh fakeaways are so easy and great to make you feel as though your not dieting at all.
Ive done chicken kebabs with boneless and skinless chicken thighs and got a good butcher who trims most of the fat of the kebabs he makes in house.
I will check out this donner recipe though.

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Ingredients for the kebab were
500g lamb mince
Oregano, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, mixed herbs salt and pepper. The sourdough was just under 200cal.
Didn’t weigh the meat though so not really sure. Was filling but wasn’t stuffed


Looks like a winner! I watched Sunday Brunch on the weekend just gone, and Tom Kerridge was on with his own Lamb Donner recipe that he’s modified to make it healthy. It looks as nice as yours!

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Looks amazing.

We also did a recipe for this not long ago!

I have the ingredients in and am going to be having it this week. Can’t wait!


Being compared to Tom Kerridge. Il take that


250g of lamb mince, various spices, chilli flakes… into a tin can and into the oven for an hour…

If it had been shared then with the naan I used (tastier than pitta) would have been 500 calories.

Alas nobody else likes lamb so I planned for the full 850 calories by having soup at lunch time…

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What was this? I don’t understand.

A tin can… you know baked bean/soup tin. Obviously washed out first.

It means you get a cylinder of meat that is just right for slicing the meat off of.


Ah…I see. That’s pretty cool. Thanks.

just wanted to say Emma a big thank you as i tried this exact recipe using the same method and it worked a treat. Tasted just like a real doner but without the fat, grease and all the other stuff that goes into making one. I would recommend to anyone to give it a try.